A Formal Approach to Power Optimization in CPSs With Delay-Workload Dependence Awareness


The planning of cyber-physical systems (CPSs) faces varied new challenges that are exceptional in the planning of classical real-time systems. Power optimization is one of the major style goals that's witnessing such new challenges. The presence of interaction between the cyber and physical components of a CPS ends up in dependence between the time delay of a computational task and the number of workload in the subsequent iteration. We tend to demonstrate that it's essential to take this delay-workload dependence into thought so as to achieve low power consumption. During this paper, we establish this new challenge, and gift the primary formal and comprehensive model to enable rigorous investigations on this topic. We tend to propose a simple power management policy, and show that this policy achieves a best attainable notion of optimality. In fact, we have a tendency to show that the optimal power consumption is attained in an exceedingly “steady-state” operation and a easy policy of finding and entering this steady state suffices, which will be quite shocking considering the added complexity of this downside. Finally, we validated the efficiency of our policy with experiments.

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