Triple-Band MIMO Antenna for Mobile Wireless Applications


This letter presents a planar triple-band multiple- input-multiple-output (MIMO) antenna that meets GSM900/180zero and LTE2600 bands protocols. The antenna part contains 3 individual meander-line-kind inverted-L radiators; the very best frequency band radiator is fed by a transmission line, whereas the opposite two utilize the proximity-coupling feeding mechanism driven by the best band radiator. The MIMO antenna is incorporated with 2 symmetric triple-band antenna elements and 2 physical decoupling devices. The 2 antenna elements are closely spaced with 1/fifteen wavelength of very cheap band. The 2 decoupling devices, a T-shaped slot and a meandering microstrip-line resonator, are engineered for the best and the lowest frequency bands, respectively. Meanwhile, a negligible mutual coupling impact in middle band is achieved by using a collinear-placed transverse meander-line try in the MIMO antenna. The antenna prototype measurement results show smart impedance matching with low mutual coupling impact. The calculated envelope correlation coefficient verifies the suitability of the proposed antenna for mobile wireless access applications.

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