A Dual-Band Dual-Polarization Slot Patch Antenna for GPS and Wi-Fi Applications


During this letter, a twin-band and twin-polarization capacitive-fed slot patch antenna is investigated. The proposed antenna can operate at 1.575 GHz for World Positioning System and a couple of.4 GHz for Wi-Fi system with the corresponding polarizations. A ninety ° hybrid coupler chip was used to excite the correct-hand circular polarization required for optimum GPS performance. For the high frequency band, a pair of linearly polarized arc-shaped slots radiating at 2.4 GHz are embedded within the circular patch. The operating bandwidths of the antenna are enhanced by the multilayered geometry, and the capacitive disks feedpoints placed between the substrate layers. The measured impedance bandwidths at the lower and high bands are 320 and 230 MHz, respectively. The measured three-dB axial-ratio bandwidth is 120 MHz.

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