Joint Wheel-Slip and Vehicle-Motion Estimation Based on Inertial, GPS, and Wheel-Speed Sensors


Joint wheel-slip and vehicle-motion estimation is taken into account, based mostly on measurements from wheel encoders, an inertial measurement unit, and a international positioning system (GPS). The proposed strategy effectively employs the Rao–Blackwellized particle-filtering framework using a kinematic model. Key variables in active safety systems, like longitudinal velocity, roll angle, and wheel slip for all four wheels, are estimated. The results from a demanding field take a look at show the efficacy of the approach; the wheel slip and velocity will be estimated with an absolute accuracy of 0.018 and 0.25 m/s, respectively, measured as time-averaged root-mean-sq. errors, in periods of simultaneous aggressive braking and cornering. The corresponding differences between best case and worst case performances are 0.005 and zero.1 m/s. The results from a double lane-modification maneuver indicate reliable velocity and slip estimation in periods of GPS outage.

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