Capture of Individual Micrometal Wires in Air by Ultrasonic Tweezers


In this paper, a strategy to capture individual micrometal wires in air by ultrasound is demonstrated. Curved and flattened tip of a vibrating needle excited by a sandwich-type transducer, operating at about forty five.8 kHz, is utilized to capture micrometal wires in air. A forty-μm-diameter copper wire with a length of 1-14 mm will be trapped stably by ultrasound and transferred through any 3-D path in air by moving the transducer. The trapping is caused by the acoustic radiation force. The trapping capability, which is defined by the maximum length of a trapped micrometal wire, increases with the rise of the needle vibration, and decreases when the needle vibration is too massive. Decreasing the manipulating edge's thickness of the needle's tip and choosing proper material for the needle can enhance the trapping capacity. The form of the needle's tip conjointly influences the trapping capacity. The manipulating tip incorporates a temperature rise to thirty eight.five°C to trap the 40-μm-diameter copper wires with a length of one-fourteen mm.

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