Torque Estimation for Robotic Joint With Harmonic Drive Transmission Based on Position Measurements


Joint torque sensory feedback is an efficient technique for achieving high-performance robot force and motion management. But, most robots aren't equipped with joint torque sensors, and it's difficult to add them while not changing the joint's mechanical structure. A technique for estimating joint torque that exploits the prevailing structural elasticity of robotic joints with harmonic drive transmission is proposed during this paper. In the presented joint torque estimation methodology, motor-side and link-facet position measurements together with a proposed harmonic drive compliance model, are used to understand stiff and sensitive joint torque estimation, while not the requirement for adding an extra elastic body and using strain gauges to measure the joint torque. The proposed methodology has been experimentally studied and its performance is compared with measurements of a business torque sensor. The results have attested the effectiveness of the proposed torque estimation method.

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