Sensorless Stator Field Oriented-Direct Torque Control with SVM for Induction Motor Based on MRAS


The purpose of this work is to improve the Direct Torque Control technique for induction motor (IM) drives. Because the main drawbacks of traditional DTC are excessive torque/flux ripples and current distortion, this research uses space vector modulation to eliminate ripples while keeping the switching frequency constant. Furthermore, fuzzy logic controllers will be used to replace traditional proportional-integral (PI) controllers for stator flux and torque regulation, as well as to ensure precise reference tracking and a robust response to various uncertainties such as external disturbance and parameter fluctuation. Furthermore, a sensorless algorithm for rotor speed estimate is created using a stator flux based Model Reference Adaptive System (SF-MRAS). This estimator can increase the controlled system's performance by boosting its reliability and lowering the speed sensor's cost. The global control technique was examined using Matlab/Simulink and the dSpace 1104 signal card for numerical simulation and real-time testing.

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