A Wound Field Switched Flux Machine With Field and Armature Windings Separately Wound in Double Stators


During this paper, a double stator (DS) wound field (WF) switched flux (SF) (DS-WFSF) machine is proposed. Within the DS-WFSF machine, field and armature windings are separately placed in two completely different stators. Compared with the traditional WFSF machine with single stator, in which each field and armature windings are located, nonoverlapping concentrated windings and large slot areas will be obtained within the DS-WFSF machine. The proposed DS-WFSF machine exhibits >19% higher torque than the traditional WFSF machine, with both machines having the same house envelope and being globally optimized. The influence of leading design parameters, like copper loss ratio between the field and armature windings, air-gap diameter, and rotor iron piece thickness and widths, on the typical output torque is investigated for the DS-WFSF machines having 12/10, twelve/11, twelve/13, and 12/14 stator slots/rotor iron items. All the analyses are confirmed by each finite element and experimental results.

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