Mobility Investigations on Strained 30-nm High- $k$ Metal Gate MOSFETs by Geometrical Magnetoresistance Effect


In this paper, we have a tendency to present mobility investigations of strained nMOS and pMOS short-channel transistors with dimensions down to 30-nm gate length. Using the geometrical magnetoresistance (MR) result, carrier mobility of electrons and holes in the inversion channel of a recent state-of-the-art CMOS technology is presented from linear to saturation operation conditions. The MR impact permits for a a lot of direct access to the carrier mobility compared with the conventional current/voltage and capacitance/voltage mobility derivation methods, in that series resistance, inversion charge density, and effective channel length are necessary to extract the mobility values of the short-channel devices. In another way, the MR effect will facilitate to disentangle the performance gain of the strained state-of-the art devices to changes in channel mobility or device affiliation, e.g., series resistance effects.

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