Slotted Permanent-Magnet Machines: General Analytical Model of Magnetic Fields, Torque, Eddy Currents, and Permanent-Magnet Power Losses Including the Diffusion Effect


This paper presents an precise analytical subdomain model of slotted permanent-magnet (PM) machines, taking under consideration the diffusion impact. The model gives the magnetic fields, both the eddy currents and the ability losses in the PM, the instantaneous and average torque. Within the model, eddy currents are not assumed to be resistance limited, contrary to what is done in the conventional actual subdomain models of the slotted machines. The model is hence general and valid both at low and high frequencies. It shows that it is potential to calculate the ability losses in the PMs, only knowing the fields in the air gap. The model takes under consideration the presence of tooth-tips. The comparison with typical precise subdomain models shows that the model presented in this paper is more accurate. The model is validated using the finite-part strategies.

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