Horizontal Multilayer Soil Parameter Estimation Through Differential Evolution


This paper presents a technique to represent an unknown soil through a stratified horizontal multilayer soil model. It uses the experimental electrical apparent resistivity curve, obtained by measurements on the bottom, using a 4-wire earth ground resistance tester kit, along with some calculations. This curve is then compared with the theoretical electrical apparent resistivity curve, obtained through calculations over a horizontally stratified soil, whose parameters are known. The horizontal multilayer soil model parameters, like variety of layers, additionally to the resistivity and thickness of every layer, are optimized by the Differential Evolution algorithm. In order for both apparent resistivity curves to urge close, the model can be a representation of the unknown soil. We tend to additionally present methodologies to verify the theoretical apparent resistivity calculations, by extending the characteristic curve approximation, and to improve error peaks between the apparent resistivity curves, by giving opportunities for other additional uniform solutions to excel. A case study uses experimental data from alternative methods for further comparisons.

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