Identification and Small-Signal Analysis of Interaction Modes in VSC MTDC Systems


During this paper, a methodology is presented to spot and analyze interaction modes between converters in voltage-supply converter multiterminal high-voltage direct current (VSC MTDC) systems. The absence of a considerable level of energy stored in such power-electronics-based systems leads to fast system dynamics, ruled by electromagnetic phenomena. Moreover, interactions between converters are largely influenced by the management parameters and, normally, an a priori identification of interaction modes primarily based on associated time constants is a smaller amount straightforward than in ac systems. Furthermore, the extent to which converters interact not only depends on the controller parameters, however is additionally influenced by the physical characteristics of the HVDC system. The methodology introduced in this paper relies on aggregated participation factors to tell apart between native modes, primarily associated with one terminal, and interaction modes involving multiple terminals. To illustrate the proposed methodology, the influence of droop management parameters, also dc breaker inductors, on the system dynamics and therefore the participation of the terminals in system interactions are investigated for a 3-terminal MTDC system.

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