An Asymmetric Highly Efficient Multistage Depressed Collector for Space TWTs


Asymmetric multistage depressed collectors (MDCs) are preferred in traveling wave tubes due to their high performance in terms of high collector efficiency and low back-streaming current. However, the most drawbacks related to these uneven MDCs are because of their difficulty in fabrication and usually bulkier size, as it usually requires an extra magnet or pole piece. Here, we have a tendency to have designed and developed an asymmetric MDC, where asymmetry in electrical field has been achieved by appropriate electrode geometry modification. Furthermore, the modification in the material of collector envelope has conjointly been done to allow asymmetric leakage of magnetic field within the MDC, while not requiring any magnet or pole piece. This MDC offers: 1) high collector performance (with a simulated collector efficiency of ninety five% in zero drive and zero back-streaming current); a pair of) easy fabrication; three) no increase in size and weight; 4) nonrequirement of extra magnet or pole piece; five) no high-voltage breakdown issues; and vi) no thermal management issues. Therefore, due to those aforementioned benefits, the MDC stands as a possible candidate for use in area applications.

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