An Asymmetric Evolutionary Bayesian Coalition Formation Game for Distributed Resource Sharing in a Multi-Cell Device-to-Device Enabled Cellular Network - 2018


We have a tendency to present a unique game, called evolutionary Bayesian coalition formation game, to model and analyze the problem of distributed resource sharing in a very multi-cell device-to-device (D2D) enabled cellular network where the rationality of the players, i.e., device pairs, is bounded, e.g., thanks to restricted information. Every player will build its call on the channel to access with and without coordination. In the previous case, the player works in D2D mode. In the latter case, the player forms a coalition with another players and they connect to one base station in cellular mode. During this case, the player realizes its action when observing the actions of alternative players. Unlike classical coalition formation games where the player decides on its coalition to make by estimating its payoff, in the proposed game, the player forms a coalition and selects an action based on its current population state that is updated using a straightforward and scalable learning algorithm. We prove that the evolutionary coalition formation method converges to the distinctive equilibrium that induces a stable coalitional agreement. The proposed process is applied to a long-term evolution-advanced network where it shows a superior performance compared with other baseline resource sharing methods.

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