Ultrasonic phased array detection of internal defects in composite insulators


To cut back the danger imposed by use of defected composite insulators on the operation of power grids, this paper introduces a nondestructive ultrasonic phased array (UPA) technique that permits effectively test such insulators. The method offers a great potential by reducing inspection time as well as allowing for analyzing elements characterised by a advanced geometry. The UPA inspection system utilizes an open-ended rectangular waveguide sensor, operating at frequency of two.five MHz. The system is simple, safe and relatively inexpensive. During this work, samples of silicone rubber composite insulators with varied sorts of detects are studied and also the obtained results show that void defects in the bulk of the insulator housing are best to be detected. Holes under insulator sheds can conjointly be detected by the sting of scanning vary. For the defects close to the core-shed interface, the detection becomes attainable by comparisons with sample while not defects.

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