Power Transfer Performance and Cutting Force Effects of Contactless Energy Transfer System for Rotary Ultrasonic Grinding


In rotary ultrasonic grinding (RUG), a rotating transformer can be used to interchange the established slip ring technology and provide a contactless power provide to the revolving transducer. Such contactless energy transfer (CET) is safe, and high rotation speeds are attainable. Compared with a closely coupled transformer, the transfer potency of the rotating transformer is lower. Compensation of the windings is important to boost efficiency. Furthermore, the cutting force in RUG is not constant; this can influence the ability transfer performance, that in flip affects the vibration amplitude of the tool. During this paper, by considering the distinct capacitive and mechanical behavior of the transducer and therefore the equivalent series resistances (ESRs) of the compensation components, mathematical models are developed to spot the transfer potency and the output power of the rotating transformer. A general mathematical compensation model is developed for most transfer efficiency. The results of the cutting force on the transfer efficiency, the output power, and the ability factor are researched. The experimental results basically consider the calculated results. A CET system which will manufacture high efficiency, a high power issue and adaptive output power that adapts to the variations of cutting force within the RUG is therefore attainable.

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