Three-Level NPC-Inverter-Based SVM-VCIMD With Feedforward Active PFC Rectifier for Enhanced AC Mains Power Quality


This paper presents a Scott-transformer-based power factor correction (PFC) rectifier for a three-level neutral-purpose-clamped (NPC) inverter-fed induction motor drive (IMD) for enhanced power quality at ac mains. Here, the Scott-transformer-primarily based PFC rectifier is digitally controlled by a current feedforward management. The torque element of the stator current is added to the output of the dc-bus voltage proportional plus integral (PI) controller as a feedforward term, that enhances the dynamic performance of the dc-bus voltage regulation. The 3-level NPC inverter is controlled by a house vector-modulated (SVM) indirect vector management theme. The performance of the proposed dc-bus voltage loop with feedforward management is compared with the standard one and located to offer faster response with less overshoot and undershoot. The proposed IMD system is simulated using MATLAB/Simulink and the same is validated experimentally. The proposed drive system is analyzed for a large variation in reference speed and cargo torques demonstrating important improvement within the performance indices.

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