A Three-Level T-Type Indirect Matrix Converter Based on the Third-Harmonic Injection Technique - 2017


An indirect matrix converter (IMC) may be a direct ac-ac power converter. As an improvement of the output waveform quality, many sorts of 3-level IMC are proposed and investigated. However, 2 major issues of these converters still exist. 1st, in some specific situations, like wind energy conversion systems and flexible ac transmission systems, these converters' capabilities of generating input reactive power must be improved greatly. Second, neutral-purpose voltage balancing is a key challenge to the traditional operation of multilevel IMCs, but the management of balancing the neutral-point voltage for multilevel IMCs has not been investigated therefore way. To address these issues, a three-level T-sort indirect MC (3LT2IMC) topology along with a carrier-based modulation technique is proposed. Plus inheriting the benefits of the third-harmonic injection 2-stage MC such as extended input reactive power management vary and no would like for synchronization in modulation, 3LT2IMC may give an improved output power quality. Besides, a closed-loop control algorithm for balancing the neutral-purpose voltage is developed. The presented modulation strategy and control algorithm are generalized and will be extended to different 3-level IMCs. Finally, the proposed topology and technique are verified by simulation and experimental results.

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