Equipment Failure Characteristics and RCM for Optimizing Maintenance Cost


High reliability (and availability) with low life-cycle prices are general goals for all maintenance programs. An effective preventative maintenance (PM) regime balances the value of maintenance with the elimination of degradation failure mechanisms through preemptive intervention. Failures in operation need corrective maintenance (CM) and are often the foremost expensive to repair. PM is conducted to cut back the chance of specific failures and hence reduce the CM burden and value. But, PM actions can themselves introduce further harm and failure mechanisms. Determining the optimum PM frequency needs these competing factors to be quantified. Too very little PM allows sub-systems and components to wear out, decreasing overall system reliability. Conversely, too much PM can introduce an inordinate amount of damage (and failure mechanisms) that decreases system reliability, together with increasing the overall cost. To optimize maintenance, the failure modes of the individual components would like to be analyzed and the maintenance program matched to how the equipment fails, how predictable the failure is and what the impact the failure has got to the mission of the system it's a half of.

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