Brain-Inspired Machines: What, Exactly, Are We Looking For?


Within the computing community, individuals study the brain as the ultimate computer. Brain-inspired machines are believed to be more economical than the traditional Von Neumann computing paradigm, that has been the dominant computing model since the dawn of computing. Additional recently, but, there are many claims made regarding attempts to build brain-galvanized machines. However one question, in specific, needs to be completely thought-about before we have a tendency to embark on creating these so-known as brain-impressed machines: Inspired by what, exactly? Do we tend to wish to build a full reproduction of the human brain, assuming we have the required technology?

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PROJECT TITLE : Neuroscience and Network Dynamics Toward Brain-Inspired Intelligence ABSTRACT: This article provides a survey of the multidisciplinary research in the fields of neuroscience, network science, and dynamic systems,
PROJECT TITLE :A CMOS Spiking Neuron for Brain-Inspired Neural Networks With Resistive Synapses and In Situ LearningABSTRACT:Nanoscale resistive memory devices are expected to fuel dense integration of electronic synapses for

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