Neuroscience and Network Dynamics Toward Brain-Inspired Intelligence


This article provides a survey of the multidisciplinary research in the fields of neuroscience, network science, and dynamic systems, with a primary focus on the development of intelligence that is brain-inspired. Instead of just using artificial computing networks, a more practical way to replicate brain intelligence would be to reconstruct cortical networks with dynamic activities that nourish the brain functions. This would be in contrast to using only artificial computing networks. In addition to providing a complex network and spatiotemporal dynamics (abbreviated as network dynamics) perspective for understanding the brain and cortical networks, the survey develops integrated approaches of neuroscience and network dynamics toward building brain-inspired intelligence with learning and resilience functions. These integrated approaches are presented in the survey. As well as pertinent studies regarding the brain and intelligence, fundamental concepts and principles of complex networks, neuroscience, and hybrid dynamic systems are presented here. Other potentially fruitful lines of inquiry, such as the study of the brain, data science, quantum information science, and the behavior of machines, are also briefly covered with an eye toward potential future applications.

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