Allocation of Wind Capacity Subject to Long Term Voltage Stability Constraints


Increasing wind capacity integration results in displacement of active power from conventional generators and a reduction in reactive power sources accessible. As such, voltage stability might become a priority in sure periods for Power System operation particularly in weaker areas of the network. Therefore, it is of importance to think about the AC constraints for optimal wind generation planning (long run) so as to decrease the likelihood of a wind capacity allocation that needs expensive remedies from the facility system operation perspective (short term). In this work, a procedure is proposed for wind capability allocation with the aim of taking advantage of the potential of an optimal wind capability allocation for enhancing the voltage stability margin. The procedure is based on a multi operating conditions voltage stability constrained optimal power flow. The wind capacity target is ready and therefore the loadability margin is tracked. The results will show the applicability of the proposed procedure and can emphasize the results of the pattern of wind capacity allocation on the loadability margin. This will lead to a wind capacity allocation that enhances the minimum loadability margin among the doable future operating conditions thought-about for designing. The procedure uses the Maximin concept for this purpose.

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