Open-Circuit Voltage Improvement of InAs/GaAs Quantum-Dot Solar Cells Using Reduced InAs Coverage


10-, 20-, and forty-layer InAs/GaAs quantum-dot (QD)-embedded superlattice solar cells were compared with a baseline GaAs p-i-n solar cell. Correct strain balancing and a reduction of InAs coverage worth within the superlattice region of the QD embedded devices enabled the systematic increase in short-circuit current density with QD layers (0.02-mA/cm$^2$/QD layer) with minimal open-circuit voltage loss (∼fifty mV). The improvement in voltage was found to be because of a reduced nonradiative recombination ensuing from a reduced density of larger defective QDs and effective strain management. The 40-layer device exceeded the baseline GaAs cell by zero.five% absolute efficiency improving potency relative to the baseline by 3.six%.

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