Stable Mode-Locked Nanosecond Chirp-Free Pulse Generation With Ultra-Narrow Bandwidth


A stable nanosecond chirp-free pulse generation with ultra-narrow bandwidth is established from a passively mode-locked erbium-doped fiber laser with a homemade fiber Bragg grating as the intra-cavity filter and careful intra-cavity dispersion management introduced. The laser generates nearly chirp-free pulse that is shut to the Fourier remodel-restricted condition. The measured pulsewidth is two ns and therefore the spectral width is solely 192 MHz. The measured time jitter is below 1%. The heart beat repetition rate is 982 kHz, which reveals there are only 195 oscillating longitudinal modes. This is often the longest duration of single stable chirp-free pulse in passively continuous-wave mode-locked fiber lasers to our best data.

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