Stable and Fair Power Control in Vehicle Safety Networks - 2016


Cooperative vehicle safety (CVS) systems operate based on frequent broadcast of vehicle state (e.g., position, heading, and speed) and safety data to alternative vehicles over a wireless native space network. Such networks are fashioned using dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) technology. In crowded networks, the shared wireless channel could become congested and fail to deliver the published information, probably affecting the reliability of CVS applications. This issue, which is known as a scalability issue, has been identified collectively of the challenges to be addressed with high-scale deployment of vehicle safety networks. Many scalability algorithms are recently introduced and studied in the literature; currently, a choose variety of algorithms are beneath study by trade for possible adoption and standardization. One technique utilized by some algorithms is congestion management through power or vary adaptation. During this paper, we have a tendency to analyze 2 existing vary management algorithms in terms of your time stability and spatial fairness. We have a tendency to derive stability conditions for the most range control theme that is currently below study. An improved algorithm that relaxes these conditions is then proposed, and its convergence properties are studied well. We show that the algorithm is stable and will be controlled to quickly converge to desired operation points. Finally, fairness properties of many power control schemes are studied, and an enhancement methodology is presented that ensures that spatial fairness is achieved by the presented power management schemes

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