Poly-Si TFTs with bottom-gate structure using excimer laser crystallisation for AMOLED displays


An n-type polycrystalline silicon skinny-film transistor (poly-Si TFT) with a bottom-gate structure using excimer laser annealing (ELA) for active matrix organic lightweight-emitting diode displays is proposed. A downside with bottom-gate poly-Si TFTs (BGPs) using ELA, particularly, the disconnection of poly-Si at the boundary of the gate metal during the ELA crystallisation, was solved by developing a unique method to regulate the slope of the gate metal. We have a tendency to realised ELA BGPs with pure-Mo gate having a thickness of additional than a hundred and fifty nm. The BGPs have better breakdown voltage characteristics compared with the standard high-gate poly-Si TFTs because of its flat channel region and homogeneous electric field distribution within the gate insulator.

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