Dielectric Breakdown-Assisted Corona Discharge-Based Pressure Sensor Using Poly-Si Microtips


We have a tendency to report the event of totally integrated peristaltic multistage (eighteen-, 4-, and a couple of-stage) electrostatic gas micropumps with integrated active microvalves. These micropumps uniquely combine a number of approaches to realize highpressure, high flow rate, multimode, and low-power pumping of compressible gases: (one) multistage (up to eighteen-stage) configuration to generate high pressure accumulation across the pump, while permitting every stage to control at low pressure burden; (a pair of) gas resonance-based mostly high-frequency (>ten kHz) operation of each the micropumps and therefore the microvalves to attain high mass flow rates despite the little volume displacement of microscale membranes; (three) active timing control of microvalves to control compressible gas pumping into multiple modes for either high flow rate or high pressure; and (4) electrostatic actuation to attenuate power consumption despite multiple (up to twenty-eight) membrane operation. The multistage micropumps contain 18, 4, and a couple of pumps connected in series sandwiched by 19, five, and three microvalves, respectively. The fabricated 18-, four-, and 2-stage pumps, respectively, created high air flow rates of,, and a pair sccm and most pressure differentials of ~seventeen.five,, and a pair of.five kPa with total power consumptions of solely ~57, and mW, respectively. They have active areas of fifteen.five × and eighteen.3 ×, fifteen.0 × seven.0 mm2, and total package volumes of twenty × 19.1 × one, 27.8 × × 1, and twenty × 12.4 × one mm3, respectively. They demonstrated 2 pumping modes using completely different microvalve timing (high flow rate timing and high pressure timing), resulting in notable changes in flow rates and pressure generation. One four-stage micropump has been actuated for a complete running time of more than 70zero min over 32 months.

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