Stator Interturn Fault Detection in Permanent-Magnet Machines Using PWM Ripple Current Measurement


This paper proposes a unique method of interturn fault detection primarily based on measurement of pulsewidth modulation (PWM) ripple current. The method uses the ripple current generated by the switching inverter as a means that to detect interturn fault. High-frequency (HF) impedance behavior of healthy and faulted windings is analyzed and modeled, and ripple current signature because of interturn faults is quantified. A simple analog circuit is intended to extract the PWM ripple current via a bandpass (BP) filter and a root-mean-square (RMS) detector for fault detection. Furthermore, this methodology will conjointly determine the faulted section, that can be used for fault mitigation ways. The method is tested experimentally on a 5-section permanent-magnet (PM) machine drive.

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