Optimal Electricity Procurement in Smart Grids With Autonomous Distributed Energy Resources


Proliferation of non-public distributed energy resources (DERs) necessitates devising effective energy management frameworks. This paper aims at establishing a decentralized model for the optimal dispatch of DERs in sensible grids. The objective function is to reduce expected procurement value of demand whereas profit of private DER owners isn't sacrificed. Unit management modules (UMMs) embedded in private DERs and a central agent are autonomous agents of the model. The approach is iterative. In every iteration, the central agent announces to UMMs its procurement strategy, that contains purchased powers and their costs. Then, UMMs optimize and send back their output power and selling value proposals within the hope of achieving higher profits. The energy service supplier (ESP) gathers the bids and modifies the procurement strategy whenever bids are in step with the cost minimization objective. The service supplier releases the last procurement strategy in response to that UMMs synchronously update and send back their bids. The mutual interaction between UMMs and ESP is sustained to the purpose in which no more modification in ESP’s procurement strategy is experienced. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithm is demonstrated by its implementation in a system with a few DERs from totally different varieties.

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