Novel MF-TDMA/SCPC switching algorithm for DVB-RCS/RCS2 return link in railway scenario


This work focuses on the return channel resource allocation in the DVB-RCS/RCS2 system for mobile terminals. A continuous carrier (CC) operation mode primarily based on DVB-S2/S2X is taken into account and investigated. The paper focuses on the likelihood of transmitting simultaneously in multifrequency-time division multiple access (MF-TDMA) or single channel per carrier (SCPC) medium access techniques, as prompt by a previous DVB-RCS+M customary. The introduction of this capability has also been analyzed for a new DVB-RCS2 normal that provides the likelihood of using each come link (RL) modalities. Moreover, we propose an in depth study of the RL channel during a satellite platform so as to understand the operative range of SCPC and MF-TDMA techniques. The contribution seeks to supply some threshold indications to network operators for dynamically managing satellite resources.We have a tendency to considered the railway market, which is characterised by an N-LOS condition because of blockage caused by tunnels, vegetation, and buildings, as the reference situation. Furthermore, we tend to introduced a transparent gap filler (GF) resolution to beat this issue. Simulation campaigns are shown, so as to convey satellite operators some tips, when they need to make use of this hybrid channel modality.

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