Proactive H-PCE architecture with BGP-LS update for multidomain elastic optical networks [Invited]


The hierarchical path computation component (H-PCE) architecture has been proposed to perform effective finish-to-end path computation in multidomain elastic optical networks (EONs). Within the H-PCE architecture one parent PCE is accountable for inter-domain path computations, while an obsessive child PCE performs intra-domain path computations at intervals every domain. During this scenario, effective inter-domain path computation is achieved only if detailed and updated intra-domain resource availability data is domestically stored or retrievable by the parent PCE. Border Gateway Protocol has been recently extended to move link state info (BGP-LS) that can be used to update the resource availability information at the parent PCE, therefore improving scalability and effectiveness of the H-PCE architecture. Specifically, BGP-LS speakers located at each kid PCE have been demonstrated to update the parent PCE with per-link spectrum slices availability data triggered by the reception of native Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) advertisements. This paper proposes a proactive theme to update the parent PCE, in that the generation of BGP-LS updating messages is not dependant on the IGP advertisements but automatically triggered by path computation requests at the kid PCEs. The proposed theme is applied during provisioning and restoration phases in an exceedingly multidomain EON scenario and compared against 2 reference schemes. Simulation results show a significant reduction in terms of blocking chance and quantity of exchanged control plane messages.

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