Economic dispatch of wind integrated Power Systems with energy storage considering composite operating costs


An economic dispatch (ED) model is proposed during this study for accommodating high penetrations of wind power with the integration of battery energy storage (BES) in Power Systems. In the proposed ED model, a wind-storage combined system (WSCS) model is studied to collectively mitigate the output fluctuations and improve the wind power utilisation. Additionally, the proposed concept of composite operating costs embrace the unit operation cost, environmental value, reserve cost, compensation price for wind power curtailment, and energy loss value of ES. With the minimisation of the composite operating prices as the target perform of the proposed ED model with WSCS, a changed bacterial foraging algorithm (MBFA) is proposed to solve the optimisation problem primarily based on a mix of the bacterial foraging algorithm (BFA) and also the Particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO). Furthermore, the case study on the IEEE 30-bus system has been used to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed ED model and therefore the performance improvement of the MBFA algorithm over BFA or PSO alone. The comparison between completely different scenarios shows that the combination of ES within the proposed model effectively improves the wind power utilisation and the system potency.

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