Introduction to Special Section on Cognitive and Natural Computing With Nanotechnology


A key opportunity of the twenty first Century is to merge progress across various science and engineering fields to materialize on the promise of artificial cognition. These interdisciplinary research directions towards cognitive systems may be influenced by the models of the brain and/or depend on a replacement reasonably physical implementation of a mathematical model of cognitive systems. This explicit special issue on "Cognitive and Natural Computing with Nanotechnology" was directed to the broad nanomaterials, nanodevice, nanofabrics, nanocircuit, and nanoarchitecture research communities working specifically on novel nanotechnology-enabled directions. The special issue selected papers on innovative ideas for solutions to the principal challenge of realizing architectures which will enable decision-creating, intelligent data and sensorial processing, and autonomous learning and adaptation. These systems might employ a selection of basic principles and don't necessarily would like to emulate the biological or natural automata. Rather, their key distinguishing facet is that their plasticity, reconfiguration, and purposeful underpinnings are achieved without involving software. In explicit, such systems could 1) introduce new architectural concepts enabled by nanoscale capabilities, resembling the neocortex and natural systems; two) leverage new materials and nanodevices and their interactions to realize core cognitive functions; 3) design or build on novel nanofabrics enabling efficient implementation of cognitive computational approaches together with achieving high degree of connectivity and collective functions. The 10 papers ultimately selected articulate a vision for a cognitive computing direction beyond von Neumann microprocessors and/or gift a technology element that contributes to the current vision. Nine of these papers seem in this issue and one paper was included in an earlier IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology (TNANO) issue this year. The 9 papers are briefly summar- zed.

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PROJECT TITLE :Guest Editorial: Introduction to the Special Issue on the 10th International Symposium on Bioinformatics Research and Applications (ISBRA 2014)ABSTRACT:The electrostrain behavior through reversible domain switching

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