In this study, an alkanethiol-assisted self-assembly of Au nano-particles and its size tunable technique were confirmed. To fabricate a one-dimensional (1D) template, λ-DNA was first laid on mica substrate by dropping diluted λ-DNA solution, 12.6λng/λl, on freshly cleaved mica. By dropping colloidal gold solution on mica surface with the DNA templates laid on it, the λ-DNA was then pulled straight via capillary force by applying solvent absorbing tissue at outer circumference of the mica substrate. Moreover, it fixed on mica via gravity force and Van der Waals force between mica surface and the DNA. Au nano-particles would be arrayed along the straight DNA molecules to form 1D Au arrays. Then based on the synthesis of 1D nano-structure via DNA template and Au nano-particles, the simple 2D nano-structure, a ring, would also be studied.

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