Ionic Metal–Oxide TFTs for Integrated Switching Applications


Disordered ionic-bonded transition metal oxide thin-film transistors (TFTs) show promise for a variety of dc and RF switching applications, especially people who can leverage their low-temperature, substrate-agnostic process integration potential. In this paper, enhancement-mode zinc-oxide TFTs were fabricated and their switching performance evaluated. These TFTs exhibit the drain-current density of 0.half dozen A/mm and minimal frequency dispersion, as evidenced by dynamic current–voltage tests. A high-frequency power switch figure of advantage of 359 nC was experimentally determined for 0.75- long-channel devices, and thru scaling forty five.9 nC is achievable for 11 V-rated devices (where is ON-state drain–supply resistance, and is gate charge). An RF switch cutoff frequency of 25 GHz was measured for the identical 0.75- TFT, whereas exceeding five hundred GHz and power handling within the tens of watts are projected with optimization.

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