Fast and Secure Multihop Broadcast Solutions for Intervehicular Communication - 2014


Intervehicular Communication (IVC) is an important emerging research area that is expected to considerably contribute to traffic safety and efficiency. In this context, many possible IVC applications share the common need for fast multihop message propagation, including information such as position, direction, and speed. However, it is crucial for such a data exchange system to be resilient to security attacks. Conversely, a malicious vehicle might inject incorrect information into the intervehicle wireless links, leading to life and money losses or to any other sort of adversarial selfishness (e.g., traffic redirection for the adversarial benefit). In this paper, we analyze attacks to the state-of-the-art IVC-based safety applications. Furthermore, this analysis leads us to design a fast and secure multihop broadcast algorithm for vehicular Communication, which is proved to be resilient to the aforementioned attacks .

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