Force Transducer Through Total Internal Reflection and Frustrated Total Internal Reflection for a Three-Axis Anemometer


This paper introduces a method for measuring forces applied in a very traditional direction to the device using pissed off total internal reflection (FTIR) and infrared technology. Using FTIR for measuring force isn't a new concept, but the past systems have used this principle by changing the material at the surface to vary the refractive index at the point of contact. The design we propose causes a physical deformation to the waveguide, that causes changes within the output of the transducer. The transducer is designed to be implemented in an exceedingly low cost 3-axis anemometer for use in high-spatial resolution knowledge gathering for wind generation stabilization. Our knowledge supports the design of our transducer because it shows a correlation between the force and deformation of the upper surface of the waveguide and the output of the infrared phototransistor. The ultimate section of the paper suggests a brand new design for a 3-axis anemometer using the newly developed transducer.

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