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An Impedance-Based Force Control Scheme to a Plate-to-Plate Nanoimprinter

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An Impedance-Based Force Control Scheme to a Plate-to-Plate Nanoimprinter


Nanoimprint lithography (NIL) is a novel technique that utilizes direct deformation of the resist to fabricate micro/nanometer scale patterns. NIL outperforms ancient photolithography technology for its low price, high productivity, and high repeatability. For a general plate-to-plate NIL, it is of central importance to precisely control the embossing force during the entire embossing process to tune the orientation of the imprint head and conjointly to ensure the uniformity and fidelity. Existing approaches utilized in NIL are position-based feedback controls. But, a position signal is believed to be indirect and is additional doubtless to be influenced by the thickness of the photoresist layer. To handle this problem, during this paper, we have a tendency to propose a two-stage force management theme to explicitly control the embossing force primarily based on the impedance management framework. The primary stage is to parallelize the template surface with the substrate surface using the little initial contact force before embossing. Then, the second control stage is to regulate the big embossing force to the specified value. With the proposed force management approach, the embossing force can be explicitly controlled throughout the whole stamp method even while not a prior knowledge of the environmental parameters. Experimental tests performed on a five hundred-nm grating scale further illustrate and verify the effectiveness of the proposed design.

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An Impedance-Based Force Control Scheme to a Plate-to-Plate Nanoimprinter - 4.8 out of 5 based on 46 votes

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