Embedded Microcontroller using GPS as a Security Resource for Disabled People


This work presents an alternative tool to give support to disabled people for several situations. Based on an embedded microcontroller and using a common GPS antenna, this system allows people to be located at any place by his/her nurse or any people which be responsible of him/her. The system is hidden on the wheelchair in a strategic position. Saving in micro SD card all routes that has traveled, the system sends a message with current location on several operation modes. Coordinates can be sent each second if an alarm button has been activated. If user suffers an epilepsy episode, an alarm tone starts and a message is sent to his/her caretaker. If user got lost, coordinates are sent to his/her caretaker and a message is sent with a legend to ask for support and be located. This system allows disabled people to be more independent and be supervised in long distances, being sure that can receive support if something goes wrong.

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