Biometric electronic voting system for native Ghanaian language speakers using ARM7 TDMI LPC2148


In order to achieve an acceptable design and a successful implementation of Biometric Electronic Voting System (BEVS) in Ghana, several local languages must be taken into consideration. This paper considers the over forty (40%) percent of the population who are illiterates in the development of this BEVS. The major Ghanaian languages have been used in the development process to widen access, comprehension and to reduce the possibility of disenfranchising citizens who are illiterates. The software was developed with Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 at the front end and SQL Server Database at the backend. It is integrated with a biometric fingerprint machine (device) to scan the finger print of eligible voters during the registration process and for the authentication or verification on Election Day. The software would be implemented on personal computers (PC) over a Local Area Network (LAN) at each polling station.

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