Hybrid Phased-MIMO Radar: A Novel Approach With Optimal Performance Under Electronic Countermeasures - 2018


This letter presents a completely unique technique for optimizing the performance of a phased-multi-in multi-out (MIMO) radar within the presence of sturdy jamming effects. The proposed technique not solely overcomes the noise jamming however also counters the results of deception jamming. 2 orthogonal waveforms beam-fashioned by coherent operation of 2 sub-arrays are used to leverage the benefits of each the MIMO and phased-radar simultaneously. The heart of the thought lies with its coherent receive operation where matched filtering and Karhunen-Loe've remodel is applied for separating the signals. We create use of the MUltiple SIgnal Classification (MUSIC) algorithm for angle estimation; thereafter the signal-to-noise-and-jamming ratio is maximized by solving a convex optimization downside. The output shows outstanding results with an glorious peak to sidelobe ratio of a lot of than forty dB.

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