Distributed Caching Enabled Peak Traffic Reduction in Ultra-Dense IoT Networks - 2018


The proliferation of large machine-type Communications devices and their random and intermittent transmissions have brought the new challenge of sporadic access-network congestion in ultra-dense Internet of Things (IoT) networks. To handle this issue, we propose an innovative approach of peak traffic reduction among the access network by utilizing distributed cache of IoT devices to coordinate their sporadic transmissions. The proposed technique is realized by employing a unique uplink transmission scheduling based on delay adaptation, in which distributed IoT devices adjust their transmission timings by utilizing embedded caching. An optimization downside is formulated for the minimization of peak data rate demand subject to delay tolerance levels, and is solved for the 3GPP-based mostly traffic models by using a gradient descent-based mostly algorithm. Our results show that the proposed scheme can considerably reduce the peak knowledge traffic in ultra-dense IoT networks.

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