Value of Insulated Bus Bars in Reducing Arcing Fault Duration in Low-Voltage Systems


Power distribution equipment is the backbone of any Industrial process infrastructure. Safety and reliability are the two most significant criteria in the right functioning of the power distribution system. Low-voltage switchgear (LVS) is a vital half of power distribution. Minimizing arcing faults within the switchgear is of utmost importance to enable a safe environment. Arcing faults increase the temperatures within the equipment beyond 20,00zero K, rapidly heating air and vaporizing metal elements. This expanding plasma creates severe mechanical and thermal stress in the equipment which can blow open doors and fragment/burn through the enclosure. Arc-resistant LVS is designed to supply a further degree of protection for operating personnel performing traditional operating duties in shut proximity to the equipment. A series of arc flash simulations were performed on arc-resistant LVS in both blank bus (noninsulated) and insulated/isolated bus configurations. In all simulations, insulated/isolated bus had considerably shorter arcing length and lower energy emitted.

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