Text Detection, Tracking and Recognition in Video: A Comprehensive Survey


The intelligent analysis of video knowledge is currently in wide demand as a result of a video could be a major supply of sensory data in our lives. Text could be a prominent and direct supply of knowledge in video, whereas the recent surveys of text detection and recognition in imagery focus mainly on text extraction from scene pictures. Here, this paper presents a comprehensive survey of text detection, tracking, and recognition in video with three major contributions. 1st, a generic framework is proposed for video text extraction that uniformly describes detection, tracking, recognition, and their relations and interactions. Second, at intervals this framework, a selection of strategies, systems, and evaluation protocols of video text extraction are summarized, compared, and analyzed. Existing text tracking techniques, tracking-based detection and recognition techniques are specifically highlighted. Third, related applications, distinguished challenges, and future directions for video text extraction (especially from scene videos and internet videos) are also thoroughly discussed.

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