Vehicle Layover Removal in Circular SAR Images via ROSL


Circular synthetic aperture radar (CSAR) has raised interest in both wide-aspect-angle 2-D imaging and 3-D feature reconstruction. As for CSAR 2-D imaging with a 360° aperture, vehicles spotlighted in the scene are depicted with multiview layover, which makes the imagery intuitively less comprehensible. Yet, the shape of the layover bulge depends on the elevation of the radar platform. So, otherwise identical vehicle targets appear differently in the image when the elevation deviates from a constant, which makes target discrimination additional tough. During this letter, subaperture pictures are vectorized and stacked to build a composite matrix. Decomposing the composite matrix via strong orthonormal subspace learning ends up in a low-rank matrix and a sparse matrix. The layover belongs to the sparse matrix and so can be dispose of. The performance of the proposed methodology has been verified on synthesized and real CSAR knowledge sets. Experimental results show that the multiview layover of vehicles is eliminated effectively. Moreover, the CSAR images become insensitive to elevation variation once layover removal, that benefits target discrimination.

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