Characteristic Analysis and Verification of the Magnetic-Field-Modulated Brushless Double-Rotor Machine


The magnetic-field-modulated brushless double-rotor machine (MFM-BDRM), composed of the stator, the modulating ring rotor, and also the permanent-magnet (PM) rotor, could be a new power-split device for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). Compared with traditional double-rotor machines (DRMs), the MFM-BDRM shows more sophisticated electromechanical energy conversion relations, thanks to its special operating principle—the magnetic field modulation principle. To research the speed relation in the MFM-BDRM, a diagrammatized method is proposed. It shows that the speeds of stator magnetic field, modulating ring rotor, and PM rotor gift a collinear speed characteristic. On this basis, the torque relations of stator, modulating ring rotor, and PM rotor are investigated from the read of a conservative lossless system. Then, a lever-balanced torque map is proposed to analyze their torque characteristic. It shows that the torques of stator, modulating ring rotor, and PM rotor can be calculated by the lever balance principle. The facility flow map is more proposed to investigate the ability flow characteristic among three ports. As well, comparison of the MFM-BDRM and also the planetary gear shows that the MFM-BDRM can be totally cherish an electrical machine and a planetary gear, creating it gain a nice advantage significantly when the MFM-BDRM is utilized in HEVs. The electromagnetic performance of MFM-BDRM is investigated by a finite-element technique, which shows that the MFM-BDRM has benefits of fine sinusoidal back electromotive force and low torque fluctuation. Finally, the speed and torque analysis and FE results are verified by experiment.

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