Modelling the dielectric response measurements of transformer oil


Dielectric polarization based mostly measurements have been used as one of the helpful techniques to characterize the standard of transformer oil. Additional, understanding the variation in dielectric response of oil is important to accurately interpret the condition of a transformer composite insulation system. In this paper, the behaviour of insulating oil during frequency domain and time domain dielectric response measurements is investigated. A commercially obtainable natural ester and mineral oil are used for this study. Observed dielectric responses have revealed that existing models that are in use to describe polarization phenomenon in insulating liquids are insufficient to characterize the exact response of oil obtained from frequency and time domain measurements. This paper proposes 2 new models for characterizing frequency and time domain response of oil based mostly on the charge transport phenomenon at the electrode interface. The phenomenon in frequency and time domain response of oil has been characterised with the same circuit model and mathematical model respectively, that are deduced by considering electrode polarization impact and variety of ionic mobility. The proposed models are tested against measured results and then the applicability verified. Correlation between AC conductivity and low frequency dispersion of real permittivity has additionally been identified in the presented work. This relationship has been explained with a brand new mathematical model with nearly S- formed sigmoid growth. Finally, the impact of parasitic phenomenon called Electro Hydro Dynamic (EHD) motion on dielectric response measurement has been investigated. Two mineral oil samples obtained from operational transformers are used to review the influence of EHD motion.

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