Modeling of effective path-length based on rain cell statistics for total attenuation prediction in satellite link


The ITU-R suggests a worldwide rain-attenuation prediction model for satellite links, but it is an empirical model, and the effective path-length model is frequency dependant, therefore it has no physical value. A worldwide effective path-length model is proposed in this letter, which can be used to forecast total attenuation in a satellite link. The proposed model is based on the rain-cell notion and is a physical model. The suggested model was tested against data in the ITU-R SG3 DB, following the processes in the ITU-R P. 311 guideline and the Fascicle. The test results reveal that the suggested model has a lower prediction error than the existing ITU-R model. Furthermore, in comparison to the current ITU-R model, the proposed model is a physical model that is simple.

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