Magnetic Anisotropy and Magnetoresistance Properties of Co/Au Multilayers


We tend to report on the magnetic anisotropy (MA) and magnetoresistance (MR) properties of [Co ( $t_rm Co$ )/Au ( $t_rm Au)] ^theta _N$ multilayers prepared by changing the incident angle of deposition, $theta $ , thicknesses $t_rm Co$ and $t_rm Au$ of Co and Au layers, respectively, and number of bilayers, $N$ , whereas keeping $Ntimes t_rm Co$ fixed at twenty nm. Although all of the multilayers showed MAs at low applied magnetic fields, $textbf H$ , and area temperature, the ones deposited at $theta = 45 ^circ $ showed remarkable mgnetic anisotropies, which is more enhanced upon magnetic annealing. The [Co (1 nm)/Au (2 nm)]4520 multilayer showed a most MR of at space temperature and $H=1$ kOe. Moreover, for the same field $textbf H$ and current $textbf I$ , the transverse ( $H perp I$ ) MR is often larger than the longitudinal ( $Hparallel I$ ) MR.

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