A Compressive Multi-Frequency Linear Sampling Method for Underwater Acoustic Imaging


This paper investigates the employment of a qualitative inverse scattering technique known as the linear sampling methodology (LSM) for imaging underwater scenes using restricted aperture receiver configurations. The LSM is based on solving a collection of unstable integral equations referred to as the far-field equations and whose stability breaks down even any for under-sampled observation aperture knowledge. Based mostly on the results of a recent study regarding multi-frequency LSM imaging, we propose an iterative inversion method that is founded upon a compressive sensing framework. In explicit, we tend to leverage multi-frequency diversity in the data by imposing a partial frequency variation previous on the answer which we tend to show is justified when the frequency bandwidth is sampled finely enough. We have a tendency to formulate an alternating direction technique of multiplier approach to reduce the proposed price perform. Proof of concept is established through numerically generated knowledge with experimental acoustic measurements taken during a shallow pool facility at the U.S Naval Analysis Laboratory.

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